mariecurieMarie Curie

Marie Skłodowska-Curie was born in Varsovie in 1867.

She studies in Varsovie but th university was only for men.

So she goes studied in the Flying university : an illegal education.

Marie goes in Paris in Sorbone and win a qualification of Maths and Physics.

She meets Pierre Curie in Sorbone he becames her husband.

They work together about the radioactivitiy.

In 1898, they discovered the radioactivity of the Uranium, the Polonium and the Radium.

She can't get a Nobel prize cause she was a woman so Pierre win the prize of Physics.

After she becames the first woman who get a Nobel prize.

She died in 1934 and she was interred in alead coffin to keep the radiadiations.

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Today, she still be remembered because she developed the pratical use of the X-Rays who still be use like when we go for an X-Ray or to detect metal objects. Also because she was the first woman to get a Nobel Prize. One in Chemistry and one in Physics.

She is a Wonder Woman because she saves a lot of people with the X-Rays, she was able to detect the bullets in the bodies of the soldiers during the first World War.

Her research boost the science !

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