30 mai 2018

Wonder women

When we were visiting the school I asked you to write down the forms your penfriends were in and what the letters (A, C, J, L, P, S) stand for. Get ready to find out more about the women that were chosen for the form titles at Folkestone school for girls!     Your mission: You will create a presentation about an amazing woman : Who was she ? (When did she live, what was the historical context, what was her job…?) Why is she remembered today ? Why was she a "wonder woman "? (speak about details that you... [Lire la suite]
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27 mai 2018

The best journey in folkestone

On the 27th of March, we went in the Folkestone school for girl. In the morning, we arrivated at 9 a.m. and we met our pendfriends. After, we went in differents subjects with our penfriends. For example Louis went in Christianism, Camille went in geography and Oscar went in EP. Then, we have visited the school and we have to search different places. For exemple, "star benches" or "the oldest building of the school". At lunch, we could to choose the food whereas in france we can't. We ate chicken and rice : It was very good ! Then we... [Lire la suite]
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27 mai 2018

Our day in Folkestone

            We arrived to your collège at 9am and we began the day with one "find someone who..."             After,in a group,i've visited the school with Nikola(my penfriend).WE have lunch at 12;25.            In the afternoon ,we have made a "speed dating"and a quiz in group(we won).We walk on the Leas to join the Folkestone's center and we had free time before taking the bus to return to France.            ... [Lire la suite]
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27 mai 2018

Our day in Folkestone

On 27th March, we went to England ; We left our school at 08:00 am by coach and took the shuttle. We went to the Folkestone school for girls in Sandgate. When we arrived, we played a game which was : "Who is who?" => we had to find out who was our penpal. We visited the school in small groups and observed a lesson. - Emeline participated in a religious lesson. - Emie was in a science course and Maelle was in an I.C.T course... Then we had lunch at the canteen of the school. In the afternoon a speed dating game and a quiz were... [Lire la suite]
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27 mai 2018

Summary of the trip to England !

Hello Bethany, Summer Jane and Emy ! I write this article with ZoeBDLE and ThomasTennis ! This is a summary of trip to England ! First, we have attended to a lesson with english pupils : Thea : I've attended to a music lesson, it was very funny ! and interresting because girls created their music ! Zoe : I've attended to an I.T lesson, it was interresting because I've played a 3D video game ! Thomas : I've attended to an I.T lesson too, and i've loved this lesson because the atmosphere was so cool ! During this day, we... [Lire la suite]
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