On 27th March, we went to England ; We left our school at 08:00 am by coach and took the shuttle. We went to the Folkestone school for girls in Sandgate.

When we arrived, we played a game which was : "Who is who?" => we had to find out who was our penpal. We visited the school in small groups and observed a lesson.

- Emeline participated in a religious lesson.

- Emie was in a science course and Maelle was in an I.C.T course...

Then we had lunch at the canteen of the school.

In the afternoon a speed dating game and a quiz were organisaded. That was really good !!

We left the school at about 3:00am and walked along the "The Leas".

We had free time for shopping.

We took the coach back at 4:00pm (local time) and arrived in France at 7:00pm (local time).

The differences :

First of all, their school is much bigger than ours ; In their school, there are only girls whilst in ours there are boys and girls. Students have a badge to go in and out of the school. Their yard is bigger than ours and the students have several choices of menus for lunch.

They start school at 9:00am and finish at 3:30pm.

They wear uniforms made up of a blaser, a shirt, a skirt, socks and shoes.

They learn drama, dance, have different sport activities and have religious education but in France we don't have these subjects.

Emeline's opinion :

I had a very good day with my penfriend. She is very nice and shy as I am ! We spoke English a lot ! The day went too quick as I enjoyed visiting an English scool which is different than ours. I would like to go back again !

Maelle's opinion :

It was a very nice day in England with my friends and my penfriend. The Folkestone school for girls is a beautiful and big school. I really liked playing quizz and doing some shopping. It was fun !

Emie's opinion :

I prefer the school of my penfriends because there is more freedom like using mobile phones in the classrooms, having a badge to go in and out...