Our journey :

We arrived to Folkestone at 9:00 AM, we have meeting our penfriends with an activitie "Find someone who...". After, in a small group we visited the school with our penfriends or we observed a lesson. We have lunch at the cafeteria at 12:25 AM. After, we did communication activity "Speed dating". Finally, we walked on the Leas to go to Folkestone. We had a free time for shopping and next we went to France by the shuttle at 7:00 PM.


Our observations :

During this day, we assisted to a dance, art, physics and ICT lessons in the morning. They could chat, use their phone and stand up when they want.

They have religious education, dance and drama but in France, we don't have this subjects. They have uniforms composed a blaser, a skirt, shirt, socks or tights and black shoes. They finished school at 3:30 PM.


Emelyne's opinion : It was a good day, the penfriends were kind. If I lived in England, I would go to in this school because she is beautiful. They propose full sections as the dance and hockey.

Joséphine's opinion : It was an excellent day because we were able to discover the school of our penfriends. It was my first english penfriend and we spok a lot English. Many sports are different for our school as dance, football, hockey... Their professor aren't stict. Finally, we are a short free time in Folkestone. This day was very instructive.

Maïa's opinion : I really liked this trip because it was the first time that I had a English penfriend. And this day takes us forward in english. The activities were interesting and during this day, I discovered an english day at school : it was different from a french day ! And a new english town : Folkestone.




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