We left the college at 8am, we went to the tunnel and we arrived in England at 9am (English time). 

Arriving, we made a "game" to try to find our penfriends.

Then we attended an hour of classes (theaters for Aimy, Physics for Heloise and Art Plastics for Jade).

And to finish the morning, we visited their school.

At lunchtime we ate at the canteen.

In the afternoon, we did a "speed dating" and a quiz at school.

At the end of the day, we went for a walk and shopping and then we returned to France at 19h.


In England, students had more rights than in France : they could talk, drink , get up...

Their school was very big and there were several buildings.


We have prefered the quizz and the"speed dating" but did not appreciate the lecons they were very noisy and boring.

The lecons were very noisy and there has not a lot of dicipline. They have the rights to theirs phones during classes.

Aimy, Jade et Héloïse