The 27th March, we went to England with the class. We arrived at 9a.m. We saw our penfriends. One part of the class went in the classroom and another part visited the school, during the visit we had to look for some things ( it was the picture challenge ). There were school subject that we don't have in France like religion, drama, dance...The difference was that students can go to class when they want ( is not the teatcher who come to them). At 12.25p.m we ate and we had the choice between different menu. It was not the same as French school because we can choose what we want to eat (pasta with chicken or meat and rice with chicken)... After the lunch we made a speed dating and a quizz in team. At the end we won some chocolates. After that we work until the center of Folkestone. We had a free time, we did shopping ! And we come back to France.