We began the travel at 8:00 a.m to arrive in England with the shuttle at 9:00 a.m (local time). We had meet our penfriends, speak with them and do a game : the "find someone who ...". After, our class was separated in two groups. The first went with our penfriends in their lessons and the second was visited the school before to change the activities.

Maëlys's experience : At 10:00 a.m, I went in the lesson of geography with my penfriend Zoha. There was twenty girls in the classroom but they spoke like thirty pupils ! It's crazy ! All pupils got a uniform... It's so strange ! The school is very BIG and their food is really delicious ! 

Lea's experience : I began by the dance lesson. I am REALLY shocked by the choregraphies ! They were so impressive, creative and expressive ! Their musics are just beautiful and perfect to contemporary style !!! We havn't got this school subject in France but I would really like do this ! (I am passionate about dance for nine years...) Their school is very big but I'm happy to not have uniform : our style show our personnality !

Jojo's experience : After the visit of the school, I went one hour in religious education. It was interesting because in our school we don't have this subject because we are in a public school. During the visit, I saw a dance lesson and the girls have a good level ! They are wearing a uniform which is including a skirt, a blouse, a tie, a sweater, stockings and shoes. I thought they liked their uniform and were proud of it but it's not the case, they don't like it. Then, the school is much bigger than ours. They have also much more room everywhere. The girls are from England but there are also daughters from military people who are travelling the world.

At the lunchtime, we went to the canteen to eat. Over there, we have a lot of choices of menus and if we take the meal mit vegatables, we can take a little cake !

Maëlys's experience : There were several choices and super good !

Lea's experience : It was so cool, we had a lot of choices ! For my part, I took bolognese pasta with a passion juice (it became my favorite juice), cheese and a clementine. That was very good !

Jojo's experience : We had a lot of choices and that was really good !

The afternoon, we did a "speed dating" then a quiz in teams. After the goodbyes, we had walked on the board of "the Leas" and we had a free time in the center of Folkestone to buy somethings !!!

Maëlys's experience : Then, we were done games with correspondants at 1:20 p.m and it was a kind of quiz great fun ! After we had to say good bye and we were walked on the "Leas". To finish we returned to the bus at 4:00 p.m.

Lea's experience : The "speed dating" was a little to "speed" (we can't really discover somebody in two minutes...) and the quiz was sometimes difficult ! The walk was very good, it was nice and I had learn some things ! After that, that was one of my favorite moment : a free time to do SHOPPING !!! I went to primark and I had buy some clothes ! That was so good but we had not enough time...

Jojo's experience : The travel was very interesting for us because we saw a different education in an other country and the girls were nices !

At 4:00 p.m, that was time to come back in France... 

Finally, everybody have been passing a very good day in Folkestone and we wait with impatience than our penfriends come !

Some photos of our day :

IMG_37701 (1)   IMG_37721   IMG_37731   IMG_37751                                                                                                                                                                                                      IMG_37811

                                                                                                 Joséphine, Maëlys and Léa ;)