Hello Bethany, Summer Jane and Emy !

I write this article with ZoeBDLE and ThomasTennis !

This is a summary of trip to England !

First, we have attended to a lesson with english pupils :

Thea : I've attended to a music lesson, it was very funny ! and interresting because girls created their music !

Zoe : I've attended to an I.T lesson, it was interresting because I've played a 3D video game !

Thomas : I've attended to an I.T lesson too, and i've loved this lesson because the atmosphere was so cool ! During this day, we visited the establishment and got to know English students with games! It was funny and nice !

Secondly, we will speak about our experience with our penfriends :

Thea and Zoe : We have visited the school together with Summer Jane and Bethany ! It was nice !

Thomas : I've visited the school with Emy ! it was funny !

All of us got along with our penfriends ! Even if they did not speak much French ...

And.. we'd loved the lunch at school !

Bye girls !  See you soon !