You probably know about Bonfire Night, a celebration during which English People have fun watching fireworks and burning "the guy" in a bonfire.




But what do you know of the origins of this celebration?


Follow the links and answer this "Gunpowder plot webquest" to understand what it's about!



1) The Gunpowder plot audio drama

  • Watch the videos with the subtitles on (1er bouton rectangulaire en bas à droite de la vidéo) and answer the questions!


A- What is the job of the narrator in this story? Who does he serve?

*What is the French for « guilty » ?

B- Where and when does the scene take place?

C- In one sentence: Why are the conspirators angry about the King ?

*to plot ressemble à un verbe français en 2 syllabes, lequel?

D- What did they decide to do? Who was supposed to do it?

E- Where and how did they hide the gunpowder?

*What is the French for "Gunpowder"?

F- What date did they choose to put their plan into action?


G- Why did the plot fail?

H- What happened to Guy Fawkes for three days?

I- What happened to Robert Catesby?

J- What was the sentence for the others? -> They were found guilty of.................

What were they comdamned to? 


2) Influence on fiction

A- Watch the trailer of the BBC TV Series "Gunpowder": Who are the 2 main characters?

*Bonus: do you recognize the actor?

Gunpowder: Trailer - BBC One

B- Watch the beginning of the film "V for Vendetta" and complete the Script :

V for Vendetta Opening Scene (Guy Fawkes)

C- Search "V for Vendetta film poster" in Google Images. Choose your favourite and print a copy for your notebook.

*Bonus: Do you recognize the mask?

D- Watch the trailer:

What are the similarities between "V" (the masked character) and Guy Fawkes?

*Bonus: You can write a comment with your opinion and thoughts!