Do you like celebrating Halloween?Why?Yes, I like Halloween very well because it’s a worldwide event, we can dress ourselves up and have other activities like: trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples,parades...I no longer do the tricting or treats but I give the sweets whenever somebody knocks the door on that day.

What costume will you wear for Halloween this year?This year I was not wearing any costume but when I was younger, I wore either a witch or a skeleton costume.

Are you easily-scared?Not very because I know it’s a “game” but I’m easily scared about horror movies and I don’t like this.

For 50 % you are: You aren't a wimp but you are not a champ. You still get a little freaked out but you get over some things. You do not take very many risks but you are afraid of things in real life as well as horror movies which you aren't fond of. Best advice: Don't watch so many scary movies- might help ease your mind.

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