* Do you like celebrating Halloween ? Why ?

Yes, I like celebrating Halloween not for trick or treating but for Halloween decorations and scary costumes.


* What costume will you wear for Halloween this year ?

This year I did not disguise myself but when I was young I disguided myself in spider (a spider dress).


* Are you easily-scared ?

I am not easily-scared but sometimes I am still scared...

For 60 % you are: You probably don't get scared often and you are not afraid to take risks too. You don't believe in ghosts. Even if you do you do not let others know. You aren't very superstitious either. Sounds and hauntings don't bother you. You are also not afraid of the dark. Horror movies aren't probably your favorite things to watch for you know its not real and it doesn't bother you. You are a champ! Advice: Go on Fear Factor

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