Do you like Halloween ? Why ?

I like Halloween because it is funny to go to the neigthbours' and get sweets by saying "Trick or Treat"!

What costume will you wear for Halloween this year ?

I would have wore a witch's dress but this year, I did no do Halloween as I was in England on 31th October. However, we went to visit my mother's friend and we saw a lot of children dressed as witches, skeletons or monters. There were a lot every where in the street !! We got scared by a skeleton !!

Are you easily-scared ?

Yes, I am easily scared when I am surprised from behind, I can be afraid and screan !!

For 50 % you are: You are a wimp. You never take any risks at all. You walk away from challenges. You are afraid of ghosts and the dark. you probably don't even watch scary movies unless forced. You probably don't like to be left alone and you beieve in weird beliefs. You are superstitious. Advice: Never go on Fear Factor.
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