Hi everyone!

I hope you will enjoy your holidays, have fun and eat a lot of  pumpkin everything! 


Your missions during the holidays:

1) Vocabulary notebook

During the holidays, I want you to create a vocabulary notebook.

You can watch TV series and/or films in English (with subtitles!), you can read the lyrics of your favourite songs... and list some of the new vocabulary in your notebook!

You can customize your notebook with pictures, drawings, stickers etc!

Here is a video with suggestions:

Bring your notebook to school on Thursday, November 9 (the best notebooks will get a bonus!)

2) Write a blog article

  • Do you like celebrating Halloween? Why?
  • What costume will you wear for Halloween this year?
  • Are you easily-scared? (Take the test! Tell us your results!)

DON'T FORGET to comment on each other's articles in English!

See you soon!

-Your beloved teacher :D