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21 octobre 2017

Enjoy your holidays!

    Hi everyone!

I hope you will enjoy your holidays, have fun and eat a lot of  pumpkin everything! 


Your missions during the holidays:

1) Vocabulary notebook

During the holidays, I want you to create a vocabulary notebook.

You can watch TV series and/or films in English (with subtitles!), you can read the lyrics of your faourite songs... and list some of the new vocabulary in your notebook!

You can customize your notebook with pictures, drawings, stickers etc!

Here is a video with suggestions:

Bring your notebook to school on Tursday, November 9 (the best notebooks will get a bonus!)

2) Write a blog article

  • Do you like celebrating Halloween? Why?
  • What costume will you wear for Halloween this year?
  • Are you easily-scared? (Take the test! Tell us your results!)

DON'T FORGET to comment on each other's articles in English!

See you soon!

-Your beloved teacher :D

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20 octobre 2017



I have a short brown hair and brown eyes.I measure 1m79.

 I live in Blériot-Plage with my mum and with my dad ,i live in Arras.

 I have 2 sister and 1 step brother and 1 step sister.

I have 1 cat.

I’m learn French,English and Spanish.

My favorite subjet is mathematical and i hate plastic art.

I play rugby calais’s club.

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19 octobre 2017



Helllo,my name is thomas i'm a boy.i'm 14 years old.I was born on march 10 th 2003.

I have a brown eyes and a court black hairs.

I'm in class 306 in a Louis Bleriot College

I live in Bleriot,I have two sisters one is 4 years old and  the other one is 3 years old on my mother's side.

And  on my father's side i have one brother , he is 3 years old .

I  enjoy playing tennis and hanball .

i'm learn english,spanish and latin .

I'm practises every sport in my free time.

My favourite matters are history-geography, sport and mathematics.

I love travel .I love listenning to music every day and I love Harry Potter.




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Hi !

My name is Noémie GORGE, I'm 14 years old.

I was born on the 28th of March 2003 and I live in Calais.

I have brown eyes and I habe straight brown hair. I'm tall and I have glasses.

My english teacher is Mrs Mortier and I'm in 305 classroom.

I'm only Child and I haven't got pets but I would like a little dog !

I am currently learning German,English,Latin and French.

My favorite subject is Music and History but I don't like Sciences.

I don't like horse-riding and bumblebee very much...

I play basketball in Blériot and I play viola in Calais.

I enjoy going to the beach and enjoying the sun !

I'm a huge fan of chocolate and fish and chips very much !

I am crazy about listening to music because I love singing ! I'm a huge fan of Rihanna and Beyoncé !


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My name is Zoe, I'm a girl, I'm 14 years old and I was born on the 26th february 2003.

I measure 1.64 meters, I've got blue eyes and blond hair.

I'm in 303 and I've got 2 english teachers: Miss Quennehen and Miss Mortier.

I live with my parents in Saint-Tricat, it's next to Calais and I'm an only child.

I've got one dog, one cat and one horse.

I study english and spanish, my favorite subject is english and history.

I don't like reading books, maths, mouses, eggs, cheese and sciences physical.

I practice horse-riding since 10 years, I like pop music, I don't read books and I love holidays!

See you! :)

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Do you know the story of Halloween?

Hello class! 

Maybe you have already studied Halloween when you were in 4e, 5e or before? But I'm sure you don't know the real origins of that celebration!

Today I want you to have a look at a video from the website "" and collect information about the origins of Halloween.


Memorize everything you can, and get ready for the Halloween quiz!



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Hello, my name is Camille and i'm a girl. I'm 13 years old and I was born on November 21th, 2003.

I'm medium sized, i have blue eyes and short blond hairs.

I'm in 301 and my english teacher is Mrs Quennehen and my european teacher is Mrs Mortier.

I live in Bleriot Beach with my family. I have a brother, he is 21 years old and i have a sister, she is 20 years old.

I have 1 cat. I love cats !

My favourite subjecs are mathematics and English. I hate geography but I love travel.

I'm learn English, Spanish and Latin.

I'm sporty : I run, I do fitness, windsurfing for 6 months, and Rhythmic Gymnastics for 12 years.

I love reading (Stephen King) and traveling (I went to USA and this summer I go to Canada). I love watching series and I'm keen on music (I play piano and i love it !!).


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18 octobre 2017

Jade Nutella


I'm Jade and I'm 14. I was born on 22nd january 2003.

I'm in 3th class and my english teacher is Mrs Mortier.

I'm of medium height(1.63m). I have long wavy blond hair and I have blue eyes.

I live in Bleriot-Plage, it's next to Calais, with my mother, my stepfather, my tall brother and my cat Felix.

At school, I learn English, French, German and Latin. My favorite subjects are physics, mathematics and sport but I don't like biology.

I love triathlon, it's swimming, cycling and running, I practise everyday. I'm crazy about friends ! I'm really greedy ! I like shopping very much and I love sleeping ! I am very crazy and i love to laugh and do stupid things !! I'm very talkative and energetic !I have group of music with my friends and I love that !

Big kiss

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My name is Elouan

I'm 14

I live in Sangatte with my parents and my sister

Her name is Aubane

I'm a boy

My birthday is the 5th March 2003 

I have short blond hair and blue eyes

I'm middle heights

I'm in 306

My teacher of English is Mrs Lannoy

I have no pets but i would like a cat

I'm currently learning spanish and english

My favourite subjects is P.E.

I don't like vegetables

I love Triathlon

I want practise Biathlon but i can't


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My name is Louis and I'm 13. I'm a boy. I was born in 31 january 2004. I'm small (1m57) and I have blue eyes and my hairs are blond. My class is 304. I love tennis, and I practise, Stand Up Paddle, animals. I live on blériot with my mother (Peggy) and my cat, Lilou. My father (Bertrand) live in Sangatte with my half sister (Salomé) and mother (Élodie), my dog (Hawaï), my Poney (Stitch) and my sheep (Burberry). I love reading and listen music to. My favorite subjects are Maths and English. My english teacher is Miss Lannoy and my european teacher is Miss Mortier. I play guitar since three years and I love this ! But I play alone and my father help me, sometimes. I love traveling and I can speak English, Latin and German but I don't like German and Latin is not my passion to 😂. I realy prefer English. Its a wonderfull language ! Ok, I think it's over !

Bye !

Louis 🎾

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  My name is Romane and i'm 14 years old. My bithday is the 8th August 2003. I'm a girl and i love rythmic gymnastic. I live in Blériot, it is a small city next to the sea in France. I haven't got any pet but i have 1 brother. His name is Robin and he is 18 years old. My mother name is Isabelle and my father Thierry. My hair and my eyes are brown. My size is 1m66. I like travelling, my favorite country is Spain where i have spent my summer holidays. I would like to go to Thailand. My favorite activities are  shopping and going out with my friends. The winter i love skiing with my family.


                                                              Goodbye !

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Hello,my name is Hugo.

I'm 13 14.

I'm a boy.

I was born the 9/11/03.

I'm tall(1.90 m) and have a lot of long blond curly hair

I'm in 304.

My english teacher is Mrs Lannoy and my european teacher is Mrs Mortier.


I live in bleriot with my mother, my father and 2 sisters(Camille:10 years and Eva:16 years)

We have 2 frogs and a lot of fishes.

The best pet is dragon but it's impossible.;(


I speak french, english and german.

My favorite subject is History.

I don't like make nothing...

I play circus :I started 7 years ago.I love clown.

I'm good at archery:Ihave take part to a competition but I havent got win.


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              Hello, hello! I'm Maïa (it is pronouced like Maya). I was 14 years old on August 25th.

I'm a girl and I'm a little small. I measure 1 meter and 60 centimeters and i think it's 5, 25 foot. I have

 medium-lenght and light brown hair. I have too brown-green eyes.


I live in Bleriot, it's next to Calais. With my mother, my father, my  little brother (his name is Simon) and my goldfish : its name is Bubule. Otherwise, I have got a half brother and a half sister. They're bigger than me.

I very want a dog !  But my parents are not okay.


At school, my professor of European is Mrs Mortier and i'm in 301. I learn english, spanish and latin. I love the mathematics, the english and the P.E. But I dislike the visual art and the music.


My hobbits :

- I'm crazy about sports, in particular the tennis! 🎾 I practise it since 8 years and I make some competitions. I have 4 hours during the week and on saturday morning, I coach the smaller childrens. I lovin it ! I love the running and I practise the badminton and the table tennis.

- I love travel ✈ ! I go on holiday almost all the holidays and i love visit some cities and countries. I went to most of countries European but I would want to go in America, in Australia, in Japan … 

- I like watching series ! 

 - I like shopping ! 

-I love listening some music, reading some books ..

Bye bye ! ❤       Photo

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Hello, my name is Maelle and I'm a girl.

I'm 14 yeards old and my birthday is 1st of August 2003.

I have brown eyes, I have shoulder-length brown hair and I am tall and slim.

I am in 302 and my English teacher is Miss Mortier.

I live in Bleriot with my mother and my stepfather. I have 1 half brother and 1 half sister.

I have 2 dogs (Caramel and Sara) and 1 cat (Chaussette) . I would like a fish.

I learn English and Spanish. My favorite school subject is English and Spanish.

I hate technology, football and draw. I love swim and dance. I am crazy about animals.

I love scrapbooking and DIY. 

tête o carré

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Hi !

My name is Aimy and I'm a girl. I'm 13. I was born on 20th june 2004. I'm in 3th class. My english teacher is Mrs Mortier.

I'm of medium heigth. My hair are long straight brown and I have green eyes.

I live with my mother, my father and my two sisters in Blériot-Plage. I have one big sister, she's 15 and one little sister, she's 12. I have one dog, her name's Hyliana and two cats, Mozart and Frimousse. I would like have a sea lion but it's not possible ...

At school, I learn English, French and German. My favorite subjects are physics, mathematics and biology, but I don't like sport.

I love playing the piano and drawing and I like read very much too. I enjoy playing basketball and riding a bike with my friends in holidays and I like shopping very much. But I hate horse riding. I can playing the piano quite well because I play the piano every days. And I can draw a little. I have a group of music with my friends and I love that.

Bye !




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My name is Sheyda, i'm a girl. I'm 14 years old and I was born on March 25th, 2003 in Calais.

I have short brown hair and my eyes are brown.

I'm in 301, my english teacher is Mrs Quennehen-Bal and my european teacher is Mrs Mortier.

I live in Bleriot-Beach with my father, my mother and my sister.

I have one brother and one sister.

I have one cat.

I learn english and spanish.

My favorite subjects are english and french.

I practice Rythmic Gymnastic since 6 years.

I love to go shopping, watching series, travelling and i like Harry Potter but i don't like spiders.

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My name is Joséphine, I am a girl. I'm 14 years old and i was born on 07 July 2003 in Calais.

I have medium-long wavy hair, I'm quite tall and I have grey eyes.

I am in 301, my European teacher is Miss Mortier and my English teacher is Miss Quennehen-Bal.

I live in Calais with my mother and Oye-plage with my father. I have one sister, Valentine. I have lot of pets and I like it : one dog her name is Topaze; one fish his name is Donald; one turtle her name is Sophie

My favorite subjects is spanish and geography, I don't very like history.

I love travelling ( England, USA, Spain,...) and eating (vegetables, pizza, chicken...) but I hate beetroot.

I practice horse riding since 3 years (gallop 2) and gymnastic. My activites are drawing, pastry, singing, scrapbooking, reading. My favorite singers are Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, Imagine Dragons, The Chainsmokers.



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My name is Berenice, i'm a girl. I'm 14 years old and I was born on May 9th, 2003.

I have short blond hair and I have blue eyes.

I'm in 301. My english teacher is Mrs Quennehen-Bal and my european teacher is Mrs Mortier.

I live in Bleriot-Beach.

I have one brother.

I have two dogs.

I learn english, spanish and latin.

My favorite subject is english.

I practice Rythmic Gymnastic in a club.

I love spending time with my friends and watching series.

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My name is Alexis and I am a boy

I'm 14 years old and I was born the 21 of february 2003.

 I have brown hair and my eyes is blue.

I am in 301 and my european teacher is Mme Mortier.

I live in coquelles with my parents

I am a only child.

I have 1 rabbit.

 I'm learn French ; English and Spanish. 

.My favourite subject is history and I  hate mathematical

I play tennis in a club and i'm play football. 


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