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We will use the blog to post articles about things we study in class and also to communicate with our English penpals from our twin city, Sandgate!

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21 juin 2018

Jane Austen



jane austen

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Mary Seacole

Résultat d’images pour mary seacole          Mary Seacole's audio presentation:






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14 juin 2018

Emmeline Pankhurst (Wonder Women)

Emmeline Pankhurst

Audio document :


emmeline image








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Ada Lovelace








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Ada Lovelace


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "ada lovelace"

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Amy Johnson

1) Lea                                                       

2) Josephine

3) Noemie

Amy Johnson photo


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07 juin 2018

Marie Curie : A Scientist Story

mariecurieMarie Curie

Marie Skłodowska-Curie was born in Varsovie in 1867.

She studies in Varsovie but th university was only for men.

So she goes studied in the Flying university : an illegal education.

Marie goes in Paris in Sorbone and win a qualification of Maths and Physics.

She meets Pierre Curie in Sorbone he becames her husband.

They work together about the radioactivitiy.

In 1898, they discovered the radioactivity of the Uranium, the Polonium and the Radium.

She can't get a Nobel prize cause she was a woman so Pierre win the prize of Physics.

After she becames the first woman who get a Nobel prize.

She died in 1934 and she was interred in alead coffin to keep the radiadiations.

 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "marie curie et son marie"

Today, she still be remembered because she developed the pratical use of the X-Rays who still be use like when we go for an X-Ray or to detect metal objects. Also because she was the first woman to get a Nobel Prize. One in Chemistry and one in Physics.

She is a Wonder Woman because she saves a lot of people with the X-Rays, she was able to detect the bullets in the bodies of the soldiers during the first World War.

Her research boost the science !

By PierreTennis, Maëlysdrawing, HugoDragon !!!




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30 mai 2018

Wonder women

When we were visiting the school I asked you to write down the forms your penfriends were in and what the letters (A, C, J, L, P, S) stand for.

Get ready to find out more about the women that were chosen for the form titles at Folkestone school for girls!


"Rosie the Riveter", an icon representing the women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II, now a symbol of feminism.


Your mission:

You will create a presentation about an amazing woman :

  • Who was she ? (When did she live, what was the historical context, what was her job…?)
  • Why is she remembered today ?
  • Why was she a "wonder woman "? (speak about details that you think are amazing, surprising or even shocking!)

The class will vote to decide who was the most incredible woman !


  • Work in groups, you will get the name of your "wonder woman" randomly.
  • Click on the links in the "Commun>Euro" folder and take notes in your notebook. (ALL group members MUST take notes)
  • Use a dictionnary such as "word reference" if necessary.
  • Write your presentation, divide it in parts, and record yourself using audacity!
  • The next step will be to make your presentation into a short animation film using "powtoon"!
  • You will create a blog article in the "Wonder women" category to share your film!

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27 mai 2018

The best journey in folkestone

IMG_4741On the 27th of March, we went in the Folkestone school for girl.

In the morning, we arrivated at 9 a.m. and we met our pendfriends. After, we went in differents subjects with our penfriends. For example Louis went in Christianism, Camille went in geography and Oscar went in EP. Then, we have visited the school and we have to search different places. For exemple, "star benches" or "the oldest building of the school".

At lunch, we could to choose the food whereas in france we can't. We ate chicken and rice : It was very good ! Then we had to say goodbye at our penfriends.

In the afternoon, we walked on the dam of Folkestone in front the sea to join the center of folkestone. After that, we had a free time, and we did shopping. Then, it was time to came back to France. 

It was a very good trip, thank you !


Our opinion : We liked this day, it was very interesting because it helped us to speak English and it was very fun to talk with our penfriends. We really liked flokestone, it's a very pretty city. We loved to discover the school because the lessons and the school are very different from schools in France. Our penfriends welcomed us very good and we hope to see them soon !









CamilleWindsurf, LouiSUP and OscarBoxe








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Our day in Folkestone

            We arrived to your collège at 9am and we began the day with one "find someone who..."

            After,in a group,i've visited the school with Nikola(my penfriend).WE have lunch at 12;25.

           In the afternoon ,we have made a "speed dating"and a quiz in group(we won).We walk on the Leas to join the Folkestone's center and we had free time before taking the bus to return to France.


          I've like this day, it was funny to see an other school of French's school!In Folkestone school for girls, there are drama,religion,dance's class and pupils are obliged wear a uniform while in France we have none of these things.

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Our day in Folkestone

On 27th March, we went to England ; We left our school at 08:00 am by coach and took the shuttle. We went to the Folkestone school for girls in Sandgate.

When we arrived, we played a game which was : "Who is who?" => we had to find out who was our penpal. We visited the school in small groups and observed a lesson.

- Emeline participated in a religious lesson.

- Emie was in a science course and Maelle was in an I.C.T course...

Then we had lunch at the canteen of the school.

In the afternoon a speed dating game and a quiz were organisaded. That was really good !!

We left the school at about 3:00am and walked along the "The Leas".

We had free time for shopping.

We took the coach back at 4:00pm (local time) and arrived in France at 7:00pm (local time).

The differences :

First of all, their school is much bigger than ours ; In their school, there are only girls whilst in ours there are boys and girls. Students have a badge to go in and out of the school. Their yard is bigger than ours and the students have several choices of menus for lunch.

They start school at 9:00am and finish at 3:30pm.

They wear uniforms made up of a blaser, a shirt, a skirt, socks and shoes.

They learn drama, dance, have different sport activities and have religious education but in France we don't have these subjects.

Emeline's opinion :

I had a very good day with my penfriend. She is very nice and shy as I am ! We spoke English a lot ! The day went too quick as I enjoyed visiting an English scool which is different than ours. I would like to go back again !

Maelle's opinion :

It was a very nice day in England with my friends and my penfriend. The Folkestone school for girls is a beautiful and big school. I really liked playing quizz and doing some shopping. It was fun !

Emie's opinion :

I prefer the school of my penfriends because there is more freedom like using mobile phones in the classrooms, having a badge to go in and out...






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Summary of the trip to England !

Hello Bethany, Summer Jane and Emy !

I write this article with ZoeBDLE and ThomasTennis !

This is a summary of trip to England !

First, we have attended to a lesson with english pupils :

Thea : I've attended to a music lesson, it was very funny ! and interresting because girls created their music !

Zoe : I've attended to an I.T lesson, it was interresting because I've played a 3D video game !

Thomas : I've attended to an I.T lesson too, and i've loved this lesson because the atmosphere was so cool ! During this day, we visited the establishment and got to know English students with games! It was funny and nice !

Secondly, we will speak about our experience with our penfriends :

Thea and Zoe : We have visited the school together with Summer Jane and Bethany ! It was nice !

Thomas : I've visited the school with Emy ! it was funny !

All of us got along with our penfriends ! Even if they did not speak much French ...

And.. we'd loved the lunch at school !

Bye girls !  See you soon !




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12 avril 2018

a day in England

On the 27th of March, we went to England with the class. We arrived at 9a.m. We saw our penfriends. One part of the class went in the classroom and another part visited the school, during the visit we had to look for some things ( it was the picture challenge ). There were school subjects that we don't have in France like religion, drama, dance... After the lunch we made a speed dating and a quizz in team. At the end we won some chocolate. After that we walked to the center of Folkestone. We had a free time, we did shopping ! And we came back to France.

The difference was that students can go to class when they want ( is not the teatcher who come to them). At 12.25p.m we ate and we had the choice between different menus. It was not the same as French schools because we can choose what we want to eat (pasta with chicken or meat and rice with chicken)...

Romane's opinion: During this day, we communitated a lot with our penfriends during the speed dating. It was very cool I found that this day passed to fast and we haven't got time enough in the school but it was fun. The menu was very good.

Sheyda's opinion: I liked so much this day because we can saw the differences with the french school. I liked too discovered the school, the meet with our pendfriends was verry good and interesting.

Berenice's opinion: This day was very interesting because it help me to practice my english and I very appreciate to talk with all the penfriends. The school is very big and the food is very good. The lessons are very different than in France.

Alexis's opinion: I was enjoyed with my trip in Folkestone.It's a very good experience.Visiting a english girls school was instructive.I hope to return as soon as possible.


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Our day in Folkestone.

Our journey :

We arrived to Folkestone at 9:00 AM, we have meeting our penfriends with an activitie "Find someone who...". After, in a small group we visited the school with our penfriends or we observed a lesson. We have lunch at the cafeteria at 12:25 AM. After, we did communication activity "Speed dating". Finally, we walked on the Leas to go to Folkestone. We had a free time for shopping and next we went to France by the shuttle at 7:00 PM.


Our observations :

During this day, we assisted to a dance, art, physics and ICT lessons in the morning. They could chat, use their phone and stand up when they want.

They have religious education, dance and drama but in France, we don't have this subjects. They have uniforms composed a blaser, a skirt, shirt, socks or tights and black shoes. They finished school at 3:30 PM.


Emelyne's opinion : It was a good day, the penfriends were kind. If I lived in England, I would go to in this school because she is beautiful. They propose full sections as the dance and hockey.

Joséphine's opinion : It was an excellent day because we were able to discover the school of our penfriends. It was my first english penfriend and we spok a lot English. Many sports are different for our school as dance, football, hockey... Their professor aren't stict. Finally, we are a short free time in Folkestone. This day was very instructive.

Maïa's opinion : I really liked this trip because it was the first time that I had a English penfriend. And this day takes us forward in english. The activities were interesting and during this day, I discovered an english day at school : it was different from a french day ! And a new english town : Folkestone.




    119747060[1]                                                           IMG_5738    



119747065[1]                                                               119747068[1]



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A day in England !


We left the college at 8am, we went to the tunnel and we arrived in England at 9am (English time). 

On arriving, we made a "game" to try to find our penfriends.

Then we attended an hour of classes (theaters for Aimy, Physics for Heloise and Created Art for Jade).

And to finish the morning, we visited their school.

At lunchtime we ate at the canteen.

In the afternoon, we did a "speed dating" and a quiz at school.

At the end of the day, we went for a walk and shopping and then we returned to France at 19h.


In England, students had more rights than in France : they could talk, drink , get up...

Their school was very big and there were several buildings.

They have different subjects like drame, religion, cooking, computing. Students start at 8:45 am and finish at 3:30 pm.

Students wear a uniform contiting of a skirt, tights, pullover, blazer.

The school is exclusively for girls.


We have prefered the quizz and the"speed dating" but did not appreciate the lessons they were very noisy and boring.

The lessons were very noisy and there has not a lot of dicipline. They have the rights to theirs phones during classes. 

Jade enjoyed the course of plastic art and her correspondent was very friendly while Aimy and Héloïse were disappointed not to have a correspondent present. But that didn't stop us from keeping very good memories of the day because we had live a experience where we could discover another system and meet great people.

Aimy, Jade and Héloïse.






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My journey at folkestone

Description :

We arrived at folkestone around 9 o'clock and we are direcly go in the class. There are lot of noise, they are worked on the earthquake in class.

After we visited the school and we played at "picture challenge" in the morning. We ate with our penfriends.

On the afternoon, we played at "speeddating" and after we did a quizz with our penfriends.

We were we walk in the "leas".

After we walk, we had on leave for the shopping.

And in final, we talked with our penfriend before our come back in the France.

The differences :

The people were most energetic.

Rémy's opinion :

It's a good experience.


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A day in Folkestone with us !

We began the travel at 8:00 a.m to arrive in England with the shuttle at 9:00 a.m (local time). We had meet our penfriends, speak with them and do a game : the "find someone who ...". After, our class was separated in two groups. The first went with our penfriends in their lessons and the second was visited the school before to change the activities.

Maëlys's experience : At 10:00 a.m, I went in the lesson of geography with my penfriend Zoha. There was twenty girls in the classroom but they spoke like thirty pupils ! It's crazy ! All pupils got a uniform... It's so strange ! The school is very BIG and their food is really delicious ! 

Lea's experience : I began by the dance lesson. I am REALLY shocked by the choregraphies ! They were so impressive, creative and expressive ! Their musics are just beautiful and perfect to contemporary style !!! We havn't got this school subject in France but I would really like do this ! (I am passionate about dance for nine years...) Their school is very big but I'm happy to not have uniform : our style show our personnality !

Jojo's experience : After the visit of the school, I went one hour in religious education. It was interesting because in our school we don't have this subject because we are in a public school. During the visit, I saw a dance lesson and the girls have a good level ! They are wearing a uniform which is including a skirt, a blouse, a tie, a sweater, stockings and shoes. I thought they liked their uniform and were proud of it but it's not the case, they don't like it. Then, the school is much bigger than ours. They have also much more room everywhere. The girls are from England but there are also daughters from military people who are travelling the world.

At the lunchtime, we went to the canteen to eat. Over there, we have a lot of choices of menus and if we take the meal mit vegatables, we can take a little cake !

Maëlys's experience : There were several choices and super good !

Lea's experience : It was so cool, we had a lot of choices ! For my part, I took bolognese pasta with a passion juice (it became my favorite juice), cheese and a clementine. That was very good !

Jojo's experience : We had a lot of choices and that was really good !

The afternoon, we did a "speed dating" then a quiz in teams. After the goodbyes, we had walked on the board of "the Leas" and we had a free time in the center of Folkestone to buy somethings !!!

Maëlys's experience : Then, we were done games with correspondants at 1:20 p.m and it was a kind of quiz great fun ! After we had to say good bye and we were walked on the "Leas". To finish we returned to the bus at 4:00 p.m.

Lea's experience : The "speed dating" was a little to "speed" (we can't really discover somebody in two minutes...) and the quiz was sometimes difficult ! The walk was very good, it was nice and I had learn some things ! After that, that was one of my favorite moment : a free time to do SHOPPING !!! I went to primark and I had buy some clothes ! That was so good but we had not enough time...

Jojo's experience : The travel was very interesting for us because we saw a different education in an other country and the girls were nices !

At 4:00 p.m, that was time to come back in France... 

Finally, everybody have been passing a very good day in Folkestone and we wait with impatience than our penfriends come !

Some photos of our day :

IMG_37701 (1)   IMG_37721   IMG_37731   IMG_37751                                                                                                                                                                                                      IMG_37811

                                                                                                 Joséphine, Maëlys and Léa ;)

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01 avril 2018

Remi's article about Vianney


Vianney - Je m'en vais [Clip officiel]

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Georges Michael

George Michael - One More Try

George Michael

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "georges michael"



George michael is real name is Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou is an english singer .

Is date of birth is the 25/06/1963 and he died on 25/12/2016.

He's style is beetween pop , rock and R&B.

Emy ,I advise you to listen this music because this singer is really good



my favorite georges michael's song is :

One more try


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "georges michael"                                                      Résultat de recherche d'images pour "georges michael"




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